ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care Training Series   

Supporting Effective Customer Interactions                  

ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care program is intended as an ancillary resource for gambling operators to use in addition to their own policies, practices and staff training.  The goal is to provide service staff with additional information and skill sets for undertaking effective customer interactions as part of normal customer care. This in turn helps gamblers make better decisions, making gambling safer for all those choosing to gamble.

1. Mindset

During this introductory lesson staff and management are introduced to the concept of interactions and customer care as a standard part of good customer service.

2. Five Levels of Interaction

Users are introduced to the Five Levels of  Customer Interactions as a general framework for guiding and monitoring the interaction process.

3. Level 1 - Observation

4. Level 1 - The Approach part 1

5. Level 1 - The Approach part 2

In Level 1 users are prepared for a client interaction through observation and reviewing client past activities recorded in the AleRT BETTOR Protection program. Various scenarios and methods are presented to help staff to directly and indirectly check in with a player to initiate and manage effective interactions.

6. Level 2 - General Education

In Level 2, users learn how to effectively communicate with customers about how gambling works, odds and the house advantages in gambling. This information is intended to assist staff in supporting general exchanges with a customer and may include some sharing common information to help the player make more informed decisions about their personal play.

7. Level 3 - Player Education - Table Games

8. Level 3 - Player Education - How Slots Work

9. Level 3 - Player Education - Progressive Slots

10. Level 3 - Player Education - Myth Busting

11. Level 3 - Player Education - Budgeting and Money Management Strategies

Level 3 guides users in initiating more personal customer interactions customizing response to a player’s personal needs. These lessons are designed to assist staff in providing player education related to specific behaviours, products and/or beliefs. This includes table games characteristics, things players may not know about slots and progressive slot games, myth busting (myths vs. reality), money management strategies, and strategies for engaging in non-threatening discussions with customers.

12. Level 4 - Player Assistance - RULEs

13. Level 4 - Player Assistance - Change Talk

14. Level 4 - Stages of Risk and Problem Gambling

15. Level 4 - Stages of Change

Level 4 training addresses the ‘RULEs’ of more personal interactions, understanding a customer’s  ‘Stages of Change’, and learning how to support those who need assistance. In Level 4 staff are introduced to strategies for responding to a player who may disclose more personal information or gives indications that they are experiencing difficulty or problems due to their gambling and may be seeking or require help.

16. Level 5 - Voluntary Self-Exclusion

17. Level 5 - Barring (Involuntary)

18. Dealing with Family Members

Level 5 lessons address cases where a player has tried numerous strategies to control their own gambling to reduce the negative consequences of their play and have been unsuccessful; they may need further help (referral) or request a Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE). In extreme cases players may require the operator to act in their best interest and bar them from the casino. Discussion includes helping staff deal with other people who may be involved such as security or family.

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